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Lingkod Timog Medical Mission Sites and Patients Served:
more than 23,540 combined medical, surgical, dental tribal community patients to date:

Philippines Map of Tribal People Served (as of 2017)

2005     Arena Blanco, Zamboanga           1,000+  Badjaos
2006     Arena Blanco, Zamboanga           1,236    Badjaos
2007     Lipay Dingin, Iba, Zambales            330    Aetas
              Maasin, Zamboanga                         868    Badjaos
              Sangali, Zamboanga                        426    Badjaos
2008     Marilog (Buda), Davao                      422    Lumads
              Maasin, Zamboanga                         818    Badjaos
              Daap, Sangali, Zamboanga             536    Badjaos
              Lamitan, Basilan                            1,300+  Badjaos
              Lugus, Sulu                                        800+  Badjaos, Samals
2009     Daap, Sangali, Zamboanga           1,057    Badjaos
              Taluksangay, Zamboanga            1,075    Badjaos
2010     Daap, Sangali, Zamboanga             500+   Badjaos
              Taluksangay, Zamboanga              748     Badjaos
              Lamitan, Basilan                               579    Badjaos
2011     Sabang, Cabayugan, Palawan     1,598    Tagbanuas
2012     Simpucan, Palawan                          726    Tagbanuas
              Ransang, Palawan                         1,171   Tao't Bato
2013     Bato, Taytay, Palawan                      965   Tagbanuas
              Tiniguiban, El Nido, Palawan           745   Tagbanuas
              Coron, Palawan                               1,438   Tagbanuas
2014     Madaum, Tagum City                         554   Kalagans
              Andap, Compostela Valley             1,011   Mandayas
2015     Culasian, Rizal, Palawan                   714    Palaw'ans, Tao't Bato
              Ocayan, Rio Tuba, Palawan             686    Palaw'ans, Tao't Bato
2016     Panalingaan, Rizal, Palawan            714    Palaw'ans, Tao't Bato
              Kulandanum, Bataraza, Palawan    587    Palaw'ans, Tao't Bato
2017     Tawi-Tawi, Sulu                                 700+  Badjaos, Samals, Tausugs
              Simunol, Sulu                                     620+  Badjaos, Samals, Tausugs

 Programs and Services: 

1.  Medical Missions
        a.  Badjaos, Samals, Tausugs
                    Zamboanga, Basilan, Jolo, Sulu/Tawi-Tawi 
        b.   Aetas
        c.  Palaw'ans, Tagbanuas, Tao't Bato
        d.   Mandayas, Kalagans, Lumads
                    Davao, Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley
         e.   Other tribal communities case-to-case basis

2.  Preventive Care future plans

3.  Livelihood and Education Projects
        Badjaos in Zamboanga education, school supplies - current

 Requirements for Volunteers
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